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Nallie is a beautiful dog, ready to give and receive love. Nallie recently went on adventure to a local regional park. Initially she was hesitant and easily spooked in an unfamiliar environment. However, once away from the busy parking area, Nallie was much more relaxed. She connected to her handler, checking back, making regular eye contact. She’s a quick learner and respectfully responds to cues. When you say it’s time to move on from sniffing, Nallie agrees and continues her trot. She didn’t make a sound throughout her adventure. She noticed other dogs and remained calm. 


When Nallie discovered the water, her inner playful pup emerged! She was fearless and exuberant. She’d run in, splash around joyfully, race out and get the zoomies! Back on the trail, Nallie settled into a comfortable walk. She gladly hopped up onto a bench for petting & brushing. 

Nallie is cautious at the beginning of introductions, but within a few minutes of spending time with her, she will show you her eager, athletic, and charming self.

For more information, please visit the Sonoma County Animal Services adoption page.

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